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Mobile Offices | Rental Only

We Deliver Office Units 

Graymac, Inc. provides well-maintained mobile offices for oilfields, construction job-sites, and more. It’s important to have a place to store your expensive equipment and tools needed for the job as factors such as weather or theft can cause downtime and quite a headache. Speaking of weather, it’s also beneficial to have a mobile office equipped with chairs, tables, a refrigerator, and heating and cooling units for comfortable breaks, lunch time, or to wait out any disruptive, unexpected weather.

If you need a mobile office for your equipment or employees, call Graymac, Inc. today! We’ll deliver the mobile office you need right to your jobsite. 

Mobile Office Rental
Rental Only | No Plumbing

On Site Construction Office
Month-to-Month Lease
  • 8’ x 24’ Full Office 
  • 8’ x 24’ ½ Office ½ Storage 
  • 8’ x 24’ Office with 5’ Storage Garage 
  • 40’ Full Office 
  • 40’ ½ Office ½ Storage 
  • 40’ Change/Breakroom
Units set on ground level (No need for stairs):
  • Ground Level
  • Lighting
  • AC/Heat 
  • Security Window Bars 
  • Lockable
  • Well Insulated
  • Electrical Plugs 
  • 220 single phase
We can also include:
  • Plain Tables 
  • Tables 
  • Folding Chairs 
  • Desk 
  • Refrigerator 

Office Furniture Included at No Additional Charge | Plan Table. Fast On-Time Delivery
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